Content Cloud CMS

What is the Content?

Content is the interaction you have with your clients. Particularly, it’s the accumulation of texts, pictures, audios, and videos that customers consume to involve with your services.

When you browse the latest products/article/tab on your favourite websites, that’s also content. News articles, banner ads, social media posts, and even something as fundamental as the logo on a mobile app are all different types of content. But, when we imply content in the context of customer engagement, it generally means some form of digital text, images, video, or audio.

What is the Content Management System?

A CMS is a type of software that helps users create, alignment, and modify content on websites without the necessity for specialised technical knowledge.

In simple words, a CMS is a tool that helps you create a website without requiring to write all the code from scratch or, sometimes, without even knowing how to code at all.

Instead of building your own system for developing web pages, storing images, and other functions, the CMS manages all that basic infrastructure aspects for you to enable you to focus on other important parts of your website that involve interface with the user.

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